The Negotin Valley

Bukovo hill as an inspiration

The Traško winery is located on Bukovo Hill near Negotin and its position offers a unique experience of the Negotin region and the tradition of wine-making.
Negotin, as the center of the wine region, is located on the tripoint of Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria, and our mission is to produce wine that will represent the region worthily.

We are dedicated to carefully and lovingly making wine in our cellars that will best represent all the magic and quality that our vineyards offer. That's why Cabernet Sauvignon Fabulous is carefully nurtured for up to two years in the best barrique barrels and will age in the bottle for another year until it's time to shine in its full glory.

Traško - Family - Estates

Tradition alongside modern wine-making

The birth process of our wines is carefully monitored.
All available modern technologies are applied
with the aim of obtaining the perfect wine.

We are observing the tastes of modern trends
with the aim of our wine reaching the top.


Winery Traško

Bukovo bb, Negotin, Srbija
📞 Prodaja +381 66 347 222